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Metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment


    News Prostate cancer In order to investigate the anticancer effect of DDW in humans a four-month long double-blind phase 2 placebo controlled clinical trial was conducted on prostate cancer.

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    Forty-four patients were evaluated, 22 patients were involved in the treated- and 22 patients in the placebo group, both groups received the same forms of conventional treatment. During the extended follow-up of the 44 patients, in the first year from the date of entering the trial2 patients 9.

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    In addition, beside the 44 evaluated patients in the phase 2 clinical trial, the course of the disease was also retrospectively evaluated in 91 patients consuming DDW parallel with the conventional forms of treatment.

    The median survival time MST was 5.

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    The results suggest that DDW might reduce the mortality of prostate cancer, since it was metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment to delay progression as well as to prolong MST in patients with histologically confirmed prostate cancer.

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