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    Xavier University of Louisiana. Rövid összefoglaló This behavioral clinical trial assesses the efficacy of a educational intervention to increase shared decision making about PSA-based screening for prostate cancer among African American males.

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    Half of participants will aggressive prostate cancer a multimedia educational intervention, while the other half will receive usual care. Részletes leírás The U. As characterized by the USPSTF, these conversations are particularly important for African American men given increased ambiguity due to the lack of PSA-based research specific to this population and increased risk of prostate cancer mortality attributed to late stage at diagnosis and more aggressive prostate cancer phenotypes seen in African American men.

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    The goal of this randomized behavioral clinical trial is to advance the translation path of implementing the decision-making process in clinical encounters by evaluating the efficacy of an educational intervention for African American males to increase shared decision making about PSA-screening versus usual care. The intervention will use multimedia educational training materials to increase understanding of prostate cancer, PSA-based screening, and shared decision making among patients and PCPs Átfogó állapot.

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